Strength Training Over 50 – Avoiding Injury

In my opinion, every person over 50 should be strength training. The benefits far outweigh the risk. With that in mind, it is vitally important that folks over 50 avoid workout injuries at all cost. I know because I’m over 50 and injuries don’t heal like they did when I was younger. I have also pushed it a little too far at times in my training leading to some avoidable injuries that were not only painful but at times prevented me from being able to workout at all. Just start slow, be consistent and learn to “listen” to your body. By strength training you will get to know your body very well over time.

Strength training isn’t power lifting or bodybuilding. It isn’t trying to lift the most weight you can. It truly is a terrific way to improve your strength, stamina levels, and muscle tone. It’s used to strengthen the muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments which is a huge benefit to folks over 50. Strength training is going to boost your metabolism, develop your muscles and give you much more strength.

Strength training not only helps increase all round cardiovascular strength and stamina levels, it also helps prevent injuries and promotes recovery. It has been proven to reduce serious injuries down to a third. This type of training will help you stop muscle loss, and restore muscle. Strength training has lots of added benefits which include protection against accidental injuries, weight problems, cardiovascular disease and all forms of diabetes. Strength training will help folks over 50 develop healthy muscles , joints, and bones and a better quality of life than they would be able to enjoy without it.

Strength training is the only reliable method of maintaining muscle tone and it is equally important for males and females. It is a key component of overall health and fitness, and it provides an important balance to aerobic workouts and other forms of exercise. Strength training helps people over 50 maintain and increase muscle mass. It will result in fat reduction while increasing your metabolic rate. This is important because many people in this age group try to starve themselves into weight loss which simply isn’t healthy as this leads to ever more muscle loss.

If you are new to this I know what you’re thinking… “I’m too old for all this, I’ll wind up hurting myself” or “I’m a woman and I don’t want to get bulky”. I’ll address these things in future post but frankly these are more like excuses than good reasons not to strength train.

Get Strong,

Strength Training Burns Fat And Builds Muscle At Any Age

Total-body strength training melts away body fat in two ways. First, while you workout you shed fat by increasing your heart rate and spending energy. Secondly, due to the fact muscle mass is much more metabolically active than body fat, increasing muscular mass increases your resting rate of metabolism, allowing you to use up more calories even while resting. Another advantage of strength training is the fact that muscle mass is firmer and much more compact than unwanted fat, making your favorite clothes look and fit much better.

The easiest way jump-start your metabolic process is to do strength training workout routines. Strength training melts away body fat and will increase your lean body mass. By upping your lean body mass, your metabolism increases simply because muscular tissues uses a lot more calories than fat tissue. You don’t only use-up more calories during the physical exercise, you burn a lot more calories throughout the day and all night. Each and every pound of muscle uses about 6 calories to maintain itself but one pound of fat just uses 2 calories.


Muscle building by means of strength training burns up fat, lifts and tones, will increase bone strength and density, strengthens connective tissue and can make daily life a lot easier. When most people start on a weight-loss journey, and even more specifically a fat loss journey, they believe that lengthy cardio sweat sessions are the best option. However, strength training burns calories and fat at rapid rates since it develops muscle mass that burns fat fast. So don’t under estimate the incredible importance of strength training in regards to fat loss, due to the fact it offers a superior sustained and long-term calorie burn.

You need to be utilizing strength training among your weapons in the fight against excess body fat. Research and experience has demonstrated to me that strength training burns body fat fast. People say they would like to lose weight, but what they really would like is to see their body proportioned differently, and to look nicely toned and fit. To accomplish this, you HAVE to do strength training.

The research is clear. Workout to increase your metabolic process and reduce fat. For optimum physical fitness and health, you need to include strength training exercise to develop lean muscle mass in addition to a nutritious diet.

Get Strong,
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